TradingView & TraderEvolution: The Ultimate in Cross-Platform Trading?

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5 min readAug 9, 2021

MetaTrader 4 has dominated the retail Forex & CFDs platform for well over a decade now. As creatures of habit, traders enjoy the familiarity of the MT4 front-end which has never really had a major face-lift.

It’s now the year 2021 and astute traders are making the leap towards advanced trading platforms such as TraderEvolution as well as online charting platforms like TradingView.

But what happens when you combine these popular platforms together?

First a little bit of history..

At Global Prime we service both retail and institutional clients. We take the lessons learned from the institutional business and pass these on as features and improvements for our retail clients as well. Our aim is to have the lowest cost and most transparent, ethically run brokerage on the planet.

When it comes to trading platforms, retail and institutional participants are both looking for different things.

Retail traders will most likely get used to a single platform and stick to it, such as the ever popular MT4. Institutional clients demand a more feature rich front end to click off — that is when they aren’t connecting directly to our liquidity via FIX API.

We were on the lookout for a platform that could act double as an institutional trading platform experience for our retail clients whilst still meeting the demands of our institutional clients.

Enter TraderEvolution.

TraderEvolution is a next generation multi-asset trading platform designed for serious traders who demand advanced functionality for order entry, analysis, and algorithmic trading.

The TraderEvolution Platform on a super-wide monitor

It boasts advanced tools and features designed to meet the needs of serious day traders. TraderEvolution is optimised for speed of entry, ease of use while incorporating the latest analytical tools, charting, order entry and order management.

I think they like it..

When we first met the TraderEvolution team they were very responsive and indicated that we would be able to develop and customise platform features alongside them if necessary.

It was important for us to work with a platform provider that has the scope to grow alongside us — however you can imagine our surprise when their team agreed to hang out with our clients in our Global Prime Discord..

The #trader-evolution channel in the Global Prime Discord

That’s right, they interface with our clients 24/7, as we all learn from each other in true community spirit. If you want to see how this all goes down, check it out at the GP Community Hangout Discord.

TraderEvolution has helped to fill the platform gap between our retail and institutional clientele. It is a great platform for the more advanced trader who is looking for a powerful multi-asset and professional desktop trading experience.

“It’s easily one of the best-looking trading interfaces you will ever interact with.” — Someone on the internet.

For the MetaTrader crowd, we still offer MT4 at Global Prime with MT5 likely joining our platform offerings soon.

So, where does TradingView come in?

TradingView burst on the scene in 2011 and over the following years became the de-facto online charting platform for crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the countless tokens that came after.

Their innovative approach pulls in almost every asset you can think of through via connectivity to exchange and broker pricing.

This means you can chart an asset such as Gold against the S&P 500 and TradingView will build the chart for you — check it out:

XAUUSD/US500 TradingView charts using Global Prime pricing

Eventually TradingView started offering the ability for brokers like Global Prime to allow their clients to trade directly off TradingView.

In order to do so the broker needs to have a strong backoffice solution to connect to TradingView as it’s not just plug and play. This is why there are only a handful of brokers currently offering live trading on TradingView.

Most of our team were avid users of TradingView — we loved the alerts system as well as being able to compare global assets to each other. We started thinking that it would be amazing to actually allow our clients to trade off TradingView.

So we reached out to our good friends at TraderEvolution who agreed to build out the entire backend system to assist our clients in trading on TradingView.

It was no easy feat and it took a long time but we got there eventually!

TraderEvolution & TradingView. Cross-Platform Trading.

Global Prime clients are loving being able to trade their accounts via TradingView using the same login they use for TraderEvolution.

Log in to TradingView with Global Prime — Watch Video

The solution that was designed so that any place you trade on TraderEvolution OR TradingView is mimicked on both platforms.

That’s right — if you adjust your Stop Loss in TradingView it will reflect in your TraderEvolution platform. Close a trade on TraderEvolution and it will reflect in your TradingView instance.

I personally love charting and executing my trades using TradingView but managing my positions inside TraderEvolution which gives more flexibility.

We’ve got many new clients who are joining Global Prime to trade via TradingView however it’s worth checking out the TraderEvolution offering as well. A true cross-platform trading experience awaits!

As for me, you’ll find me in the GP Discord hangout I mentioned earlier. As a founder of GP it’s important to spend time with you all as we navigate the journey of trading together. See you in there!

Jeremy Kinstlinger
Co-Founder Global Prime



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