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How Global Prime Exclusively Hires its Clients as Staff

At Global Prime we pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable, friendly and down to earth support team on the planet. Over almost 10 years of business our clients have rated us 4.73 out of 5 stars at Forex Peace Army.

In this article we will go through the hiring evolution at Global Prime and how hiring clients as staff can be a great move for a transparent business.

The Global Prime Website

The early days..

When we first started Global Prime we knew that we couldn’t hire staff that had worked at other brokers as our model and ethos is vastly different to the status quo.

Instead, we made our first support team hires from friends and family. Our first hire was a young lad named Chaim who cheekily brought his friend Shui with him to the interview and asked if he could have a job too. We appreciated their chutzpah and hired them both on the spot.

The advantages of bringing someone into the role without prior experience is that we could instill our DNA into fresh, untainted souls. At the same time the learning curve was steep and it took some time to get someone without skin in the game up to speed with trading, markets and how to support our growing client base.

Homepage Mikey in the zone

We continued with this hiring approach for a few years and had great results. It always amazed us how hires from all walks of life were able to grasp the complex concepts involved in running a brokerage and bring great support to our clients.

There were three main things we looked for in potential hires — aptitude, hunger and DNA fit. If someone has the ability to learn effectively, the passion for personal growth and is great to be around then it’s usually a good sign they would be a good fit at Global Prime.

As a business that is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week we support our clients around the clock. We don’t think graveyard (night) shifts are a good idea for long term working relationships so going international was the only way to grow the support team.

Taking it as it comes ..

As we grew, hiring opportunities sporadically presented themselves with our very own clients looking to join the Global Prime team. We hired a lovely chap called Peter who brought his brother Balint along (what’s with all the two for one deals?!) and more hires followed.

There have always been opportunities for hires to move from the retail support team into other areas of the business. We’ve had moves into the cash, accounts and platform teams. Sammy, one of our hires now oversees the management of the entire retail support team and created a rigorous training process which enables new hires to get up to speed within weeks.

Jonty assisting one of our institutional clients

Enter the Discord ..

A few years ago we made the decision that most brokers would balk at — launching a public facing community chat via Discord Chat.

You can join the Global Prime Discord for free.

The Global Prime Discord

Having a public place for our clients to scrutinise Global Prime in front of other clients holds us accountable to our community. It’s something we aren’t afraid of doing because we do the right thing by clients and run a transparent business (check out our Automated Trade Receipts).

Having a profit model that doesn’t make money off client losses means we are on our clients side and enables us to be transparent with our community.

Inside the Discord any question from the Global Prime team gets answered with no exceptions. At Global Prime we always tell it like it is. We openly discuss everything from how we operate, to our A-book model, spreads, trading platforms, markets, trading strategies and automated trading.

We even run monthly competitions for Demo and Live account holders.

Getting to know your clients ..

Most brokers are missing out by not realising that KYC (Know Your Client) doesn’t end with verifying their documents. Through the Discord we’ve been able to forge amazing friendships and relationships with our clients which has changed the way we approach our hiring process.

These days we exclusively hire clients that we meet on Discord into our support team which has some great advantages.

#1 — They hit the ground running.

Our clients have already experienced life as a trader and they don’t need refreshers on how the markets and trading work. With a great training a process it only takes a couple of weeks before they can start supporting other clients.

#2 —They have first hand experience with our brand.

They’ve been using our services extensively and appreciate our model and product. DNA isn’t something that needs to be taught as they’ve already experienced it through getting to know us and using our services.

#3—They know how to deal with traders.

Part of being a trader means dealing with the support team of your broker. Most traders will have experienced lackluster, canned-response style support in the past and know how deflating it can be. Clients that move into a support role know what they are looking for in support and are able to dish it out in spades to other clients.

#4 — They want to be a part of the journey.

Through our personal approach we aim to make all of our clients feel like they are part of our story. Having a die hard supporter of Global Prime is always going to be of great benefit to everyone involved.

#5 — We already know each other.

Through interacting on Discord over many months we can get a good feel of each other’s vibes and it’s much easier to see if we are a good fit for each other. We’ll take that over one or two interviews with someone we don’t know any day of the week.

A motley bunch if there ever was one

Whats the catch?

One piece of advice I’d give is that you can only really hire clients into your business if you are running a tight ship with nothing to hide.

Your clients that are now staff will end up having intimate knowledge of how your business is run. If they see you aren’t acting in good faith they may be more faithful to their fellow clients and spill the beans.

Running a transparent, ethical and honest business is the key to success and it enables all the good that comes from allowing your clients to be a part of your journey. Doing the right thing by your clients will always open doors and opportunities for your business.

If you are reading this and are interested in joining the team we’ve given all the answers here on how to go about it. See you in the Discord chat ;)

I’ll leave you with some comments from some key Global Prime clients that have joined the team:

William – Canada

“As I was a customer for 3+ years prior to joining the team, I can say that going from customer to a support role has been nothing less than motivating, and insightful. The transition from being a customer to becoming team member happened very smoothly, and I could instantly see that the values that I perceived as a customer are the same internally.

Everyone is dedicated and puts heart into their work, which makes it a stimulating work environment. I have to say, it has been a privilege to learn more every day, give back to the community, and try to share the most knowledge I can.”

Yohann – Canada

“I started trading in 2017 and I was searching for a good broker. A friend of mine made a lot of research online and told us we should go with Global Prime, mostly based on the Forex Peace Army reviews. Fast forward 3 years later and I was starting to work for GP.

I remember during the training already knowing stuff about the standards that GP wanted us to reach in our work, because of my own experience dealing with the customer support in the past. It’s really fun to go from something you are using and experiencing and switch to the other side and actually create that value for clients. I learned so much in the last year and I still have so much to learn. Some very knowledgeable people working behind the scenes and I feel lucky to be part of the team.”

Reggie — Phillipines

“I have to say, I am forever grateful to Jeremy and GP for giving me the opportunity to become one of its support staff! Everyday is an awesome moment to be able to provide assistance to GP clients and new traders who want to know more about our game-changing services.

Global Prime is not just a game-changer in the forex industry but a life-changer for me! From loving GP support then to becoming one of its support staff is like living a dream come true!”

Tom — United Kingdom

“I chose Global Prime as my broker because I liked the fact that they left themselves open to be accountable, and I felt like they had my best interests at heart as a customer, regardless of the performance of my trading.

From my first interaction I was delighted with the level of service I received, and frankly that is saying something. Choosing to work for Global Prime was an easy decision. As a client I already had a fair idea of some of their processes and as an individual, I was already aligned with their ethics, which was really what initially brought me to them.

Jeremy Kinstlinger
Co-Founder Global Prime

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