How Global Prime Leverages Discord for Amazing Community Interaction

When I first started trading forex more than 10 years ago, I used to frequent forums such as Forex Factory and Steve Hopwood. Over the years, I made some great friends with like-minded traders. In true collaborative style we worked together, fine tuning and creating versions of open source trading strategies. In the process we all learned a thing or two.

In 2012 my co-founder Elan and I were given the opportunity to take a dormant Global Prime and turn it into the success that it is today. Going from trader to running a brokerage has been challenging, rewarding and the best way that we could give back to the trading community that helped us on our trading journey.

Co-Founders Jeremy Kinstlinger and Elan Bension

Here’s what I wrote in January 2013 when we partnered with Steve Hopwood’s forum:

“I initially approached Steve about creating a partnership between Global Prime and the forum as his negative attitude towards brokers is reflective of the forex community as a whole. As traders we face a complete lack of transparency from our brokers and this breeds distrust. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that most of us do not trust our brokers and feel vindicated by them.”

We stuck to our vision and created a transparent brokerage, always showing clients which liquidity provider was on the other side of their trade. We took this concept further recently with our Automated Trade Receipts.

Transparency is important but we couple that with a the vision of offering the lowest cost trading experience to our clients. As a trader, lower costs means more money in your back pocket.

Our Forex Peace Army rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars is testament to the fact that we are on the right track!

Global Prime Forex Peace Army rating August 2021

Placing myself back to 2012 when it all began, I was in charge of the retail support which meant that I got to interact with our clients every day. I learned a lot about what our clients were looking for in their brokerage experience and we took those insights into developing Global Prime further.

As the company grew so did our support team (read: how we hire clients as staff) and eventually they took over my responsibilities and continue to impress me by how they’ve taken the reigns. If you’re a Global Prime client you know what it’s like to be supported by an all star support team made up of actual traders.

While we continued to build out our brokerage I started to miss the community interaction which led us to create the Global Prime Discord Community. We haven’t looked back since!

Discord is a fun and free to use platform were you can create a space and populate channels on any topic. It’s a great way to interface with your clients and you can get quite creative with how you structure your Discord.

The Global Prime Discord in Action

What makes the Global Prime Discord Community so special?

Global Prime is one of the only brokers in the world where you can find the founders and team chatting away on a Sunday with their clients. Being able to chat with fellow traders 24/7 will help keep you company while you are trying to squeeze out those last few pips before bedtime.

Any question from the GP Team gets answered with no exceptions. At Global Prime we always tell it like it is. We openly discuss everything from how we operate, to our A-book model, spreads, platforms and of course building up our client’s education alongside Ivan Delgado our Head of Market Insights.

Clients that we’ve formed close relationships with have been hired as staff and we also use Discord to offer Trading Mentors where our clients learn all about trading from other clients.

Our community is tight knit and inside you will find fascinating conversations from real traders discussing their strategies and approaches to the market.

Everyone is welcome and you don’t need to be a Global Prime client to join. If you wish to stay up to date with the markets, hang out with fellow traders and the rest of the team, we have got you covered.

Don’t forget to check out the 350+ reviews of Global Prime at Forex Peace Army.

How do I join the Global Prime Discord Community?

You can join the Discord directly from this link. Or you can find more details at the following page:

It’s free to join and use Discord and you can keep track of the channels inside using all types of platforms such as PC, Phone Apps, Mac, Web etc.

Who hangs out in the Global Prime Discord Community Chat?

Inside the Global Prime Discord you’ll find the Global Prime team including founders, general manager, support staff, platform architects and liquidity specialists. One of our platform providers TraderEvolution has their own channel in our Discord and their team hangs out with our clients gaining valuable feedback.

Max from the TraderEvolution platform team helping a client out

There’s traders of all skill levels and there’s even Mentors who can assist with your trading.

What is talked about in the Global Prime Discord Community Chat?

We discuss everything from market related happenings, trading strategies, trading platforms and automated trading.

Clients can make suggestions to the Global Prime team in the #suggestions channel. There is an #ask-us-anything channel where every question gets answered in true transparent fashion — nothing is off limits.

There are monthly competitions for demo and live trading with cash prizes. Traders love participating in these competitions as they share results in a live leader board which helps to hold them accountable to their trading.

Current August 2021 Demo trading competition

If you are looking for trading mentors we have separate Discord servers for each Mentor available. The trading styles offered are different so you can be sure to find a mentor that suits what you are looking to do with your trading.

Our Trading Mentors can be found here.

I noticed a special role called Ambassadors — what’s this?

Global Prime Ambassadors are hand chosen based on their contributions to the Discord and community. They are given access to a private channel where we discuss happenings on the Discord and inside Global Prime. They are a tough bunch that ask the right questions and aren’t afraid to hit us up on any concerns they may have.

There are other perks offered to Ambassadors from time to time. To be considered for an Ambassador role you should be actively posting in the Discord to the point where we’ve gotten to know you pretty well.

Welcoming our client Candleness into the Ambassadors group

What can you tell me about the Trading Mentors that Global Prime offers?

Mentors is the first ever subscription based interactive marketplace where aspiring traders can engage with a range of market professionals for trading setups, trading education and guidance.

The Mentor program focuses on daily analysis and live streams combined with an interactive ‘always-on’ chat feed between you, the Mentor and other traders. This is what makes Mentors so powerful.

Some members from Greg Rubin’s room discussing Metals.

Each of our Mentors has a unique market approach and trading style.

Greg RubinElliot waves, Fibonacci, Basic and advanced technical analysis.

Ivan Delgado Basic and advanced technical analysis. Trading order flow with the underlying trend.

Dave FloydTrading Style :Swing trading and scalping

Which markets are covered in the Global Prime Discord Community Chat?

#Forex, #Stocks, #Crypto, #Metals, #Indexes & #Commodities. There is also trading rooms available which cover #Trading, #Automated-Trading and #Learning-to-Trade.

Alex posting up a great USDJPY short trade

These are the rooms to actively discuss anything market or trading related. Traders share their views on the market alongside their strategies. It’s a great place to keep up to date on market happenings and receive feedback on your trading or give feedback to others.

Which platforms are covered in the Global Prime Discord Community Chat?

The following platforms offered by Global Prime have their own dedicated channels:

  • #trader-evolution
  • #tradingview
  • #metatrader-4
  • #MQL-and-EVO-code

That’s a wrap!

I hope this post has given some insights into what goes down on the Global Prime Discord. When you join, please reach out to me and say “hey”— I’m this guy:

Jeremy Kinstlinger [Founder] / Jem#4339

Jeremy Kinstlinger
Co-Founder Global Prime

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